Nowadays, the most popular and best residential designs lean towards a sleek, clean look or a comfy, relaxing look. Residential designs range from modern and minimalistic to traditional or bohemian. Recently at Massoudi Consulting Engineers, we tackled a minimalistic residential design for our clients. We wanted to create a space that was clean and functional while also being pretty amazing to look at.  Tackling this design is no easy feat with limited spacing, especially with the architectural structure to re-design.

At the beginning of the design process, we consulted with the owner rigorously. It is important to us that we encapsulate the owner’s vision and design everything to their needs. Why design a house in the first place if the owner is unhappy with the result? The house originally had a midcentury wooden modern style, but had a cramped kitchen space and the washer and dryer were placed inconveniently outside due to the location of the water pipes.

Taking all the comments and feedback into consideration, the construction process started and our residential architects began drawing floor plans while the house was torn up to allow structural reconstruction. The house luckily wasn’t a soft story, so it was already re-constructed to hold up in case of an earthquake. We made residential improvements all around: the structure, the sidewalk, the interior, the kitchen, essentially everywhere. It took many months of hard work, but the result looks fantastic as shown.

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