Beginning To End, We Do It All


Every project is unique, with its own challenges and opportunities. Our broad range of services and experience with each component assures you of efficient, successful completion and at lower cost. Fully compliant, built to last, and always on-time and on-budget.

MCE offers a large range of services from master planning to building design, in fact, everything you need to get your building project off the ground. We will also work with you until your project reaches its successful conclusion. To find out more about the services MCE offers, select our services below.



The Birth of the MCE Single-Source Solution


We Understand the Challenges
Over the years, working in virtually every aspect of the construction industry, learning and mastering the nuances of each, revealed a first-hand understanding of their limitations. By seeing the good, the bad and the need-to-be improved, it was clear clients deserved better.

A Complete Streamlined Process
We collaborate with pros at every stage, with the objective to proactively avoid what typically frustrates both developers and homeowners. Mitigating time and money lost to scheduling and coordination by providing a better, more efficient approach where one source handles it all.

Insight Rooted in Our Experience
A licensed engineer, general contractor, and GreenPoint rater, formally trained in both Civil Engineering and Business Management, Rod Massoudi is seasoned both on the job site, and in meeting architectural challenges that test engineering solutions. Our proprietary structural engineering software even expedites performing even the most complex calculations.

Saving Clients Time and Money
Our competitively priced services, attest to an efficient, streamlined and holistic approach that doesn't farm it out or mark it up. We deliver in less time because we're in-house. Time is never lost coordinating third-parties or finding providers for services, end-to-end, means end-to-end.

A Promise Made is a Promise Kept
Our promise is a successful project with faster turnaround and services delivered as promised, all at lower cost, on-time and on-budget. Our client-first approach prioritizes relationships and turns clients into friends. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and that's a promise.