ADA Compliance


The Accessible Business Entrance Program (ABE) in San Francisco aims to provide access to goods and services for everyone by ensuring that accessible main entrance(s) of public businesses are maintained at all times. An accessible business entrance is free of steps, slopes, excessively heavy doors or other structural barriers, like entryways that are too narrow for a wheelchair or mobility scooter, as defined by the City and County of San Francisco. Under the current program, primary entryways of all public businesses, with the exception of religious organizations, private clubs, buildings in which all businesses are not public accommodations, or newly constructed buildings with a building permit form (Form 1/2) filed on or after January 1st, 2002, are subject to the mandatory inspection under a licensed design professional or Certified Access Specialist (CASp) and submit the completed Category Checklist Compliance Form to San Francisco Department of Building Inspection by the deadline based on their compliance category. In addition, property owners will be required to apply for building permit(s) to correct non-compliant elements and perform the necessary work within a reasonable timeframe.

At Massoudi Consulting Engineers, we understand that every business entrance is unique in its own way and strive to provide the most cost-effective approach to bring it into compliance with the Accessible Business Entrance program, as well as the latest State and Federal disability access laws. To ensure we provide the most suitable and economical design for San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, we’ll always evaluate your property for unreasonable hardships, equivalent facilitation or technical infeasibilities in an attempt to limit the necessary corrections and save you money. Let us know how we can help!