Save Money and Time

Save Money and Time

Get structural engineering services in San Francisco, CA

At Massoudi Consulting Engineers (MCE), we're focused on saving you time and money. Our structural engineers specialize in designing buildings that are capable of withstanding the stresses of operable loads, weather and seismic events. You can rely on us to analyze your existing structure, identify problem areas and address them with your budget in mind. We can save you money, time and stress.
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Advanced techniques are more efficient and affordable

MCE provides structural engineering services in San Francisco, CA and surrounding areas. We use an affordable design technique to make structures easier and less expensive to build. Even the minor modifications we make to your existing design can save you thousands of dollars.

Call 415-702-6462 right away to arrange for structural engineering services. Our structural engineer can answer all of your questions regarding: 

  • soft - story retrofits
  • accessibility business entrance (ABE) and accessory dwelling unti (ADU)
  • earthquake brace and bolt programs (EBB)