I reached out to Rod for a bid on an ADU addition because we were impressed with the duplex he did in our neighborhood. He provided valuable insight both before and during the on-site consultation that allowed me to tune my expectations on what was feasible. He also took the time to explain common concerns that may arise with permitting. I also found him knowledgeable in helping me assess the holistic project vision-for example me asking "what if I put solar panels or the Tesla solar roof?" And on the more complicated scenarios, he and his team followed up with the local city building and planning commission to confirm. Rod, Tiffany, and Vivian were great to work with. Although I had to put a temporary hold on proceeding with my project due to a financial situation, I would certainly recommend-and I already have to my own colleagues-reaching out to Rod for your project.

Michael G

We needed someone to come and inspect our earthquake retrofitting for insurance purposes, and also sign a certification paper for us. Rod did a great job from end-to-end: He quickly replied to my request, gave a competitive quote, came onsite on time and quickly finished his work, and also gave a discount as well! Highly recommended this company for their services!

Sasan B

I was in need of a designer/architect and a structural engineer for the 500sq ft addition of my home. Instead of having to find an architect and an engineer separately, MCE provides it both as one service and does a fantastic job at both the design and the structural work. What made my experience so positive and my life so much easier was having MCE do both the architecture design and the structural engineering. I was able to make the changes I needed quickly and efficiently in order to get my project underway much faster. The price is very fair and the service was very responsive. I have worked with other contractors where I cannot reach them when I need them, or they charge exorbitant amounts of money for changes. MCE was there during the design and after for any follow up questions the contractors had on the plans. I highly recommend MCE.

George S

We needed a PE to review our cracking garage floor for a 4 unit condo bldg in SF. There was a concern it was falling down. Rod inspected the bldg thoroughly and concluded that the concrete was weak and the rest was sound. He was immediately responsive, very friendly and took his time. A real pleasure to work with!

Greg P